Bay Area Nation

Born September 9, 2012

Bay Area Flash Mob had the honor of working with Anthony Thomas, creator and master of Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation choreography.  We can credit this choreography with launching BAFM to a new level of community participation and is by far our most difficult   accomplishment.  It was a thrill to have Anthony with us as we worked on perfecting our technique.  Anthony blessed us with the name of “BAY AREA NATION“.  We’ve joined groups around the world who share our love and respect for this phenomenal masterpiece.

Check out the videos and photos below.   Thank you Anthony.


Anthony Thomas Intro Speech
Anthony Thomas shows some Rhythm Nation moves
Teaching part 1/3
Teaching part 2/3
Teaching part 3/3
Anthony Thomas closing speech
Final practice of Rhythm Nation
Rhythm Nation Flash mob

Photo Albums:

Brunch and Dance Class with Anthony Thomas
Rhythm Nation Flash Mob at the parking lot, photo album by Huy Doan Photography


Anthony Thomas and the BAFM Cofounders

Anthony with a BAFM Hat

Lunch with the Master of Rhythm Nation, Anthony Thomas


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