Frequently Asked Questions


What is a flash mob? How does BAFM flash mob? defines a flash mob as “a group of people mobilized by social media to meet in a public place for the purpose of doing an unusual or entertaining activity of short duration.” BAFM’s specialty is taking iconic choreography such as Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and teaching it to whoever wants to learn.

Do I need dance training to join?

No. We accept everyone. We pride ourselves on our diversity and on the fact that we can take non-dancers and transform them into music video backup dancers.

How do I join?

The best thing to do is join our Facebook group page. Most of our classes are at Levy Studio (19 Heron St. SF) on Wednesdays 8-9:30 pm, but please do check our Facebook page to see our specific class event pages for more details.

How much are the classes? What do the fees cover?

The 90 minutes dance classes are only $8, which is an unbelievably low price of $5.33 per hour. Nothing in SF is that cheap. This fee covers the dance studio rental, the small stipend we pay our dance teachers, insurance, administrative costs of running the BAFM LLC, and production costs for shows and flash mobs, including maintenance of our lovely speaker Petunia. Although we are not registered as a nonprofit, none of the BAFM leaders get paid. This is all a labor of love.

Where do you flash mob? Do you do anything besides flash mobs?

At the end of every class series, we take our routine to the streets of SF. Common flash mob locations (which are always subject to change) include the SF Main Library, Cupid’s Span, Ferry Plaza, Market Street at Yerba Buena Lane, and Market Street at Castro Street. We have also flash mobbed (as a surprise) and performed (announced) at countless celebrations, including but not limited to city and street festivals, sports events, corporate parties, nightclub gigs, weddings, marriage proposals, and dance showcases. We have even performed at Super Bowl City during the 50th anniversary celebrations.

Can you flash mob my event?

Yes! As we mentioned above, we have flash mobbed everything from marriage proposals and weddings to corporate and sports events. We are all about spreading the flash mob love.  We can perform most of the routines we have already done in our very recent past, but we have better luck getting more dancers with our most current routine. We can also do a short and simple customized routine, but this costs extra and would take us extra time to get enough dancers committed and trained.  Contact us for rates and availability.

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