Marry You proposal performance class

Hey baby, I think I wanna have a Marry You proposal performance class.

For four Sundays, starting on January 28th, Dyon Lain will teach us a routine for this very special, romantic song. Classes are for 2 hours from 3-5 pm. We will not have class on February 18th, due to the President’s Day holiday weekend. The goal after we learn this, is to make a BAFM “Marry You” performance group so that when the time comes, we are ready to help make a couple’s dreams come true. Our first Marry You proposal is coming up in March,  so sign up, and make this lovely couple’s day even more memorable.

If this is your first time dancing with us, please fill out our waiver/conduct form. Also, we encourage you to join our Facebook group to find out the latest news.

We are giving the East Bay some love. Classes will be at In The Groove Studios, 580 14th St., Oakland.  Very close to 12th St. BART station and easy to get to.

Don’t say no no no no no
Just say yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
And we’ll go go go go go

Payment Options:


Cash: $40
Credit card: $42 (use button below)

Drop Ins:

Cash $15
Credit card: $16 (use button below)

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